Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So Many Cannabis Choices - So Little Time

New strains of cannabis are continuously being developed by seed banks all over the world. Much like wine and whisky drinkers, purchasers of cannabis seeds are constantly looking for new variations. Whether it be to add a prized strain to a growing collection of cannabis seeds, or to experience a new high after growing and harvesting the plant itself - Lucky you if you live in a country where this is legal!

Cannabis genetics are crossed, squeezed, spliced and diced in laboratories by clever folks in white coats and safety glasses resulting in a veritable cornucopia of products to choose from.

After the boffins have finished their work the seeds are released to the community with as much hyperbole attached as the marketing department can muster. So where does that leave you – the ardent seed buyer – how do you pick and choose your way through the marketing minefield and find that all important killer strain?


How much will the plant produce when grown under optimum conditions? This depends on how the plant is grown so you’ll usually see this expressed as Low, Medium or High.

Points mean Prizes

Competitions, such as the famous Cannabis Cup, are regularly held to determine the latest and greatest. Do you have all the winning strains in your collection?

THC Level

The cannabinoid de jour, High THC levels are all the rage. Recognised as the most psycho active of all the cannabinoids found in cannabis - But don’t overlook the other cannabinoids.

·         CBD – Boffins can’t decide if this heightens alertness or makes you drowsy but it does seem to keep THC in your system for longer, it can also relieve some of the anxiety associated with high THC levels.

·         THCV – Curiously this actually blocks the receptors that respond to THC! The psycho active properties of this cannabinoid are not well understood.

Indica or Sativa?

Indica plants are usually shorter and faster growing, whereas Sativa are spindlier and take longer to germinate and flower. You’ll find a considerably higher concentration of THC in the Sativa strains than Indica.

Flowering Time

How long will the plant require in the vegetative state before it’s ready to flower?

Other Important Information

How high will the plant grow? Can it be grown outdoors?

With new strains appearing all the time which factors do you think are the most important to consider when purchasing marijuana seeds?

With so much choice on offer from hundreds of seedbanks, how can we decide which cannabis seeds to purchase?