Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Best Things about Being Baked

The Highs of Getting Stoned 

If you like to get baked occasionally then you’ll probably have experienced all of the usual fall-out of getting high. Whether you just like to zone out or get a sudden need to do something, at some point you will have experienced one of these groovy side effects…

The Munchies 

  Everyone gets the munchies at some point when they’re baked. Whether it’s chocolate, crisps or left over steak pie everyone has their favourite which just tastes awesome when you’re buzzin’. Being stoned just makes everything taste better. Fact! It actually physically does. The active chemicals in cannabis affect the activity of the gastro-hypothalamic axis which makes you hungry. This in turn activates a hormone that increases the palatability of food.

In simply terms, weed makes you hungry and makes food taste awesome. Thanks weed!

Get Creative

Like Bill Hicks once said, “If you don't believe drugs have done good things for us, then go home and burn all your records…”

Some of the best music in the world was influenced on drugs because they can create unique ideas and perceptions in your mind. While cannabis can only take a part of the credit for this, it’s certainly true that it can give you a different slant on things.

If you play an instrument then have a jam when you’re having a toke.  If you don’t play then draw, write, anything… A little bit of herbal inspiration can really open you up to new ideas and creative sparks.

Conversational King

  You might just be a joker or an out and out philosopher, but when you reach that stage of high that’s not too mellow (a good Sativa like Amnesia Haze will get you started) you’ll find the synapses start firing and you’ll be diving into some inspired conversation. Just make sure you’re not getting high on your own or the whole ‘conversation’ element starts to sound a bit weird.

Also don’t expect to remember many of the spectacular pearls of wisdom you announce to your friends. They probably won’t and it’s all about the high anyway. Just roll with it and you’ll find yourself in the midst of a debate on how you’ll weather the impending zombie apocalypse or how the moon landing conspiracy is actually a conspiracy itself to cover up what really happened up there.

Game On!!!

Everyone likes a game when they are a bit baked and it’s so easy just to zone into a game of Call of Duty. If you have more of a retro console then a game of Mario can be awesome or for the true aficionado, Streets of Rage for the Sega Mega Drive. Classic!

If there’s only two of you (or others are baked enough not to care or even watch the ‘excitement‘ unfold, try playing a game of chess.

Seriously, weed tends to make you think more laterally, meaning you’ll come at the game from a different angle than you usually would. You might even find yourself seriously engrossed in the heat of the competition.

TV Respects Me

There’s nothing easier to do when you’re baked than zone out in front of the TV. Many people will opt for a classic favourite movie with not too cerebral a story line. Probably a pretty good idea given that following the plot will be a lot harder than usual. With that in mind chilling out to a classic action movie won’t be too trying.

Alternatively, just watching comedy shows like the Simpsons or South Park will have you in hysterics. You’ll start to appreciate things on a whole different level so don’t be afraid to watch something you normally aren’t that interested in. You’d be surprised how funny something normally tedious can be when you see it through a haze of Lemon Skunk.

Light up and smoke on!

If you like to blaze up occasionally then no doubt you will have experienced one of these awesome side effects. Here we list 5 of the top results from getting stoned.