Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Tips for the Savvy Smoker and Tasteful Toker

If knowledge is power, then comparison is king. Your knowledge, and more specifically, your knowledge of smoking, is only as good as your ability to compare with other information. This quick guide will help any level of smoker become a savvy smoker and a tasteful toker.

Get the Goods: The savvy smoker knows the best way to find a marijuana dispensary. Although location is key – the closer the better – medical marijuana dispensaries vary in how they manage clients. Some restrict the amount of marijuana a client can take home after each visit to under one ounce, and others require delivery for lack of a retail storefront. However, even those that do have retail storefronts may not offer delivery. Compare medical marijuana dispensaries to find the right one for you. You can see how the comparisons look like and do comparisons for the dispensaries in your area.

Squeaky Clean Smiles: Even before Orbit Gum told us to clean up our dirty mouths, we knew it: brilliant white teeth aren’t just for models and movie stars. Smoking, along with aging and coffee drinking, rates among one of the top teeth-yellowing agents. However, the number of teeth whitening products outnumbers the teeth in your mouth by more than two to one. Fortunately, you can compare teeth whitening products – all 76 of them – online, before you head out to buy.

Manage Your Munchies: A Wendy’s Triple Baconator or a McDonald’s Big Breakfast with Hotcakes might be heaven for taste buds, but they’re hell for waistlines. As the old adage goes: Everything in moderation. Before your next fast food frenzy, compare fast food nutrition – all your favorites are there – to beat the bulge.

Know Your Limit: For celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, and Charlie Sheen, going to rehab is like a bi-weekly trip to the supermarket. For everyone else, rehab is serious business. To find a drug treatment center for your needs, it’s best to compare your options. Understanding the type of care and the programs offered is key to getting the most from a rehab program.

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