Monday, July 20, 2009

Want To Get High? There's An App For That.

Since the birth of the App Store, Apple, has made some strange decisions on what apps are worthy; finally a marijuana app has broken the barrier.

This new app called Cannabis is a useful tool that can help you find medical marijuana based on your GPS location. The app is based on the site Anjang, here is what they have to say about their app:

Once you have received your medical cannabis recommendation from a qualified physician, you will need to locate an organization that can provide you with medical cannabis. Access the Cannabis application again. Press locate. The nearest medical cannabis collectives, cooperatives or facilities will appear with little green dots on a map of your current or selected location. Get real-time door-to-door directions. Add the locations' details to your iPhone contact list.

If the unfortunate happens, and you find yourself in legal trouble over your medicinal herb, pull out your cannabis application once again. Pin point local attorneys who specialize in marijuana-related offenses.
However this app comes with a $3 price tag.

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