Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Choosing the Right Bong

Bong shopping is fun and exciting but it should be done carefully because they can be fucking expensive. BUT CANNAMANMAN how will we know what we want? Don't fret little stoners. Heres a few things you should keep in mind.

Height! If your an everyday smoker, you probably dont need some 4 foot bong because thats unnecessary and will wear you out. 18 to 26 inches is ideal in my opinion. the hits are good but not so large that they destroy your lungs every time.

One should also check out brands. Roor, Illadelph, Blue Dot, Crystal Frog among others are great pieces. If your buying a product from one of these makers you know your getting your moneys worth.

Bore size is another deciding factor. Nice glass bongs bore size ranges from 40mm to 65mm. 65 is a ridiculous size. Not for novices because you will get hefty rips out of that.

Another thing to look for are the qualities. By that I mean ice catcher, no ice catcher, perc, no perc. You get the point. Percs add on some money but in my opinion i think its well worth it. Also don't get anything but glass on glass.

My ideal bong- Roor Icemaster 5.0 Opal Crown w/ single perc and G-spot diffuser (18.8)

I hope this has helped a bit. Do your research and send us some pictures your new glass!

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