Monday, May 18, 2009

Ways of Enhancing Your Smoking Experience

Hey guys,

This is my first post and I'm going to talk a little about things that can help enhance your smoking.

1. Corner it- For those who don't know cornering can only be done on bongs and bowls. When you corner the herb, you make sure the flame on stays on the edge of the weed on one side, as opposed to torching it and wasting a shit load. It may seem silly but it saves mad tree.

2. Beeline- I learned about beeline through hashbean420 on youtube who I recommend you check out. Beeline is a hemp line that has a coat of bee wax on top of it. When you get that fruity delicious blueberry haze you drove so far to get or that bubble hash that took you so long to get, you'll want the beeline. It definitely gives you a smoother hit and it makes your hit tastier. the website gives you free samples at

3. Water Level- If you dont think it matters, you wrong it does. It really does. Too little and you will get a dry, nasty stale hit. To much and you wont get much of a hit at all.

4. Invest in a Space Case- It is so worth it. Breaking up is a pain in the ass. But it is avoidable. Space Cases range from 20 to 100 dollars. I say get a 20 or 40 dollar one. It saves the hassle of breaking up your weed plus all that keef (not a real word so idk how to spell it) that you lose is stored at the bottom. And when that shit builds up.... Hold on to your party hats. If you are a cheap bastard you can just use a shot glass and scissors to cut up your weed.

5. Suck lightly- You can make all the perverted jokes you want but take the advice. You don't need to kill yourself on one hit. Suck lightly, obey your limits. Also when you suck too hard, it makes it much harder to clear the bong when finally pull the slide. Dont take every hit like its your last.

6. Last but not least, clean your bong- That shit gets gross. Bong water next to, like menstrual blood, is probably the grossest liquid on this earth. Your slide also gets all this gunk in it. I know, its a pain in the ass but its worth it. One can either wash it under water and scrub or you can go the whole 9 yards and dip it in rubbing alcohol too. It's worth it. We will be posting a complete cleaning guide soon. Nobody wants to put there mouth on your disgusting bong. another sex joke.

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